Dolby Headphone Brings Cinema-Quality Surround Sound to the Aircraft Cabin for Singapore Airlines

 Monday, April 05, 1999  
Dolby Headphone Brings Cinema-Quality Surround Sound to the Aircraft Cabin for Singapore Airlines

From May 1, 1999, the revolutionary Dolby Headphone technology will be available to Singapore Airlines passengers on all classes of travel. This will be the first time the new technology will be available.

Dolby Headphone technology provides cinema quality surround sound to airline passengers using standard stereo headphones. Dolby Headphone will soon be used in consumer electronics and personal computers, but it will be customers of Singapore Airlines who will experience the technology for the first time, while enjoying SIA�s in-flight entertainment system, KrisWorld.

Michael Tan, SIA�s Executive Vice President, says �Singapore Airlines has been in close liaison with the reputable Dolby Laboratories and the original creator, Lake DSP for some time. We see this exciting innovation as breaking the sound barrier in inflight entertainment. Our customers will have the privilege of being the first in the world to experience this amazing high quality surround sound. We are confident that this innovation will clearly make SIA�s inflight entertainment more enjoyable.�

Dolby Headphone was born out of pioneering work by Australian company Lake DSP over a period of eight years. Lake DSP made a series of breakthroughs in the simulation of acoustics using computers, and licensed the technology to Dolby Laboratories in October 1998.

�Lake DSP is very pleased to be working with Singapore Airlines to introduce the technology, and I am sure SIA passengers will appreciate this new advancement in in-flight sound,� says Leonard Layton, Marketing Director at Lake DSP in Sidney, Australia.
SIA�s KrisWorld system offers personal video screens, a selection of movies, and in-seat telephones in all three cabins of the aircraft, and it�s available on all MEGATOP 747s, CELESTAR A340s, and JUBILEE B777s.

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