New Denon AVR-85P A/V Surround Receiver Features Dolby Digital AC-3 and More

 Monday, April 05, 1999  
New Denon AVR-85P A/V Surround Receiver Features Dolby Digital AC-3 and More

The new Denon AVR-85P is an A/V receiver offering Dolby Digital AC-3 that is equipped with Denon�s own DDSC-Digital (Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit-Digital) decoding technology. The AVR-85P supports the five independent sound channels of Dolby Digital AC-3 and offers a fully discrete five-channel power amplifier to support the dynamic performance of Dolby Digital AC-3 sound signals from Laser Disc or DVD. The amplifier�s channels all have an equal power of 85 watts and are configured as independent monaural amplifiers, a design that enables the AVR-85P to produce a dynamic realism through its high-current capability and to recreate surround sound via superior channel seperation.

The AVR-85P is also equipped with the new DDSC Digital circuit with �Full Block Floating Point� claculations for the Dolby Digital AC-3 and Dolby Pro-Logic decoders and Surround Simulator. The D/A converters feature high-resolution 96 kHz, 24-bit designs for all the Front L/R, Center, Surround L/R , and Subwoofer channels in order to meet high specification levels of DVD Video. High-resolution A/D converters have also been incorporated for the Dolby Pro-Logic decoder. Additionally, the AVR-85P provides a six-channel external decoder input for accomodating future multichannel formats such as DTS or MPEG, an ample number of input and output terminals for home theater setups, and speaker terminals equipped for secure use with all types of wire.

The suggested retail price for the Denon AVR-85P is $650. For more information, contact Denon at 973-396-0810 and visit their Web site at

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