Four Seasons Media Productions Installs Gateway City’s First Solid State Logic Console

 Wednesday, April 07, 1999  
Four Seasons Media Productions Installs Gateway City�s First Solid State Logic Console

Four Seasons Media Productions is St. Louis�s new full service recording facility serving the music and post production industries. Recently, Four Seasons installed a Solid State Logic 4000 G+ Special Edition console with 64 inputs, Total Recall(TM), Ultimation(TM), and �E� series EQ.

Steve Richards Mahoney, owner of Four Seasons Media Productions, says, �We wanted this room to be one of the premier surround mixing rooms in the world, offering the best technology available today. When deciding upon the most appropriate board for Control Two, the SSL 4000 G+ series was the ideal candidate for our surround, music, film, and advertising work. Many of our clients come from outside the St. Louis area and they�re looking for the board they�re familiar with and trust. The G+ meets the needs of our most demanding clients.�

Four Seasons provides a wide array of services for national and regional clients and specializes in surround sound productions, lock-out music tracking and mixing, and television and radio advertising. Four Seasons Media Productions was created from the ground up by the Russ Berger Design Group, featuring natural light throughout. Just four hours from Los Angeles and New York, the 8,500-square-foot complex offers three large control rooms and two large studios, and massive outboard processing and microphone selections.
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