SADiE’s ARTEMIS Digital Audio Workstation Launched at Musikmesse

 ,Thursday, April 08, 1999  
SADiE�s ARTEMIS Digital Audio Workstation Launched at Musikmesse

SADiE Digital Editing systems launched its new digital audio workstation, ARTEMIS, at the Pro Light & Sound exhibition during Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. The system is capable of 192kHz editing and mixing, full surround sound panning, and can be configured to provide up to 24 inputs and outputs.

Managing Director of Studio Audio & Video, Joe Bull, says �The ARTEMIS is designed for DSP intensive audio applications that require large numbers of plug-ins, EQ, and dynamics running in real time. The system will be particularly useful in both the CD and DVD pre-mastering industries, as well as post production, where a great deal of our R&D effort is currently focused.�

The ARTEMIS is the latest system in the SADiE digital audio workstation range, and has been specifically designed for applications which require large amounts of digital signal processing. The system is ideal for audio, editing applications including music editing, CD mastering, DVD production, and Film and TV post production. ARTEMIS systems are supplied as fully configured, rack-mounting turnkey systems in a range of input/output configurations, from 8 to 24 inputs and outputs. The entry level ARTEMIS system is equipped with 8 inputs and 8 outputs and can replay 24 tracks of edited 16-bit audio.

Support for 24-bit 96kHz audio editing is standard, making every ARTEMIS system ready for DVD. The 8 channels of I/O make ARTEMIS perfect for surround sound editing and mixing, which is supplied as standard in the SADiE software.

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