Apogee Hot-Rods the AD-8000 With Introduction of Special Edition

 ,Thursday, April 08, 1999  
Apogee �Hot-Rods� the AD-8000 With Introduction of Special Edition

Apogee has issued a new �special edition� version of its AD-8000 conversion system, with significantly upgraded components. Lucas van der Mee, Apogee�s design engineer in charge of the SE project, says, �Optimizing audio is like tuning a car. You can take a great car and get maximum performance by using specially-selected and matched components, using exacting tests to fine-tune the performance. It�s the same with the AD-8000SE.�

Special Edition owners have been extremely pleased with the performance of the upgraded unit, and the company has received several positive comments. Matt Serletic, Producer of Matchbox 20, says, �The sonic detail is unparalleled,� and Bob Ludwig notes, �The AD-8000SE is crucial to my 5.1 mixes. I use one as my 6-channel D/A and one for 6-channel 20-bit UV22.�

The Special Edition can be specified at the time of ordering from an Apogee authorized dealer, in which case the cost (US SRP) is an additional $2,000. Existing AD-8000 units can also be upgraded, and owners are encouraged to contact Apogee for details.

For more information, contact Apogee at 310-915-1000 and visit their Web site at


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