Lucent Digital Video Unveils New Digital Video Decoder

 Monday, April 12, 1999  
Lucent Digital Video Unveils New Digital Video Decoder

Lucent Digital Video, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lucent Technologies, has announced a new decoder for the Digital Television (DTV) industry that decodes four programs simultaneously, with secondary analog or digital audio. Called the VideoStar QDEC-120 decoder, it is an optional feature sold with the Lucent VideoStar(TM) family of MPEG-2 digital video encoders and decoders.

The QDEC-120 decodes four programs simultaneously through four independent video/audio decoders per board. It decodes MPEG-2 video from both National Standards Systems Committee (NTSC) and Phase Alternating Line (PAL) sources encoded in either Main Profile at main level (4:2:0) or professional profile at main level (4:2:2). The QDEC-120 can also decode Secondary Audio Programs (SAP) which may be multiplexed with the primary MPEG-2 video programs.

“Customers who invest in the Lucent VideoStar encoder will have the full assurance that their programs can be decoded reliably with high-quality pictures,” says John Mailhot, vice president of engineering, Lucent Digital Video.

“The QDEC-120 performs in any network configuration and supports a range of different video sources.” The QDEC-120 is hot-swappable and allows insertion for elimination of downtime. It supports four ancillary data channel and offers Dolby Digital(TM) audio processing for outstanding sound reproduction.

Further product or sales information can be obtained from Lucent Digital Video by calling 877-497-2448 in the U.S. or, outside the States, by calling +1-908-582-5617. E-mail may be sent to [email protected]. Visit the Lucent Digital Video Web site at

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