Soundscape to Show the Dolby Surround Encoder/Decoder Plug-in at Upcoming NAB and AES Shows

Soundscape Digital Technology will show the Dolby Surround Encoder/Decoder Plug-in for Soundscape Digital Audio Workstations and the Soundscape Mixtreme PCI Card at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas and the AES Show in Munich.

The plug-in is the result of collaboration between Dolby Labs and Soundscape Digital Technology. It licenses Dolby�s DSP code, developed for the Motorola 56301 DSP used in the Soundscape V2 Mixer environment. The plug-in includes a separate 4 channel to stereo encoder and a stereo to 4 channel decoder. The Soundscape V2 Mixer has also received enhancements for surround mixing and now includes new elements for Surround channel strips and Surround Panners. These can be placed as required in the mixer and the complete configuration saved to a mixer file, which can be loaded instantly. The Dolby Surround Encoder/Decoder Plug-in is available exclusively from Soundscape Digital Technology�s International Distributors and Dealers.

The Dolby Surround Encoder/Decoder makes surround mixing more efficient for the Soundscape DAW or Mixtreme user. Matching the processes of the industry standard Dolby Model SEU4 and SDU4 units, the Surround Encoder/Decoder eliminates the need for D-to-A and A-to-D conversions. The Dolby Surround Encoder/Decoder Plug-ins are available bundled together. Both plug-ins can run on one DSP in the Soundscape V2 Mixer environment, both for Soundscape DAWs and the Mixtreme PCI card. System Requirements include Soundscape DAW and V2.04 software or Soundscape Mixtreme PCI Card with V1.05 software. These versions include provided Surround Channel Strips and Panners.

As well as mixing Dolby Surround soundtracks for consumer media, the Dolby Surround Encoder/Decoder Plug-in also makes it possible to preview results of the Dolby Surround process (�4-2-4� monitoring) on discrete four-channel audio tracks (L,C,R,S), that will subsequently be taken to a film mixing stage and encoded along with other soundtrack elements.

For more information on Dolby Surround, contact Dolby Laboratories Inc. at 435-5580200 and visit their Web site at

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