Game Developer Electronic Arts Takes Audio to New Levels With SSL Avant Digital Console

 ,Thursday, April 15, 1999  
Game Developer Electronic Arts Takes Audio to New Levels With SSL Avant Digital Console

Electronic Arts has put the 24-fader, 96-input Solid State Logic Avant Digital Mixing Console to the test, reaping many benefits from this, their recent installation. The Electronic Arts team are the creators of such games as John Madden Football(TM), NHL Hockey, Knockout Kings(TM), NBA Live Basketball, PGA Tour Golf, and NASCAR �99. Director of post-production for Electronic Arts, Murray Allen says, �With Avant, the quality of our work has increased tremendously. The ability to manipulate and automate data so quickly and snapshot everything back in Total Recall(TM) is great.�

Offering complete dynamic and snapshot automation of all functions with write operations possible at any speed on or off-line, The Avant console�s frame sizes range from 24 up to 96 channels, and all sizes offer control surface layering allowing up to four inputs to be controlled from each physical channel. Avant also offers fully loaded control surface channels with fully automated four-band EQ accessing a library of different EQ curves. Also accessible are a fully automated dynamics section, automated 48 digital delays and 24 reverbs assignable to any channel, automated bus routing, and eight auxiliary sends.

Senior vice president of Solid State Logic Phil Wagner says, �The Avant has an entirely flexible routing structure which allows you to create a variety of stems from several different formats, such as stereo or 5.1. Electronic Arts needed a system with the capabilities and monitoring system of the Avant because it allows them to finish their work using a film style approach.�

The decision to install the Avant was Electronic Arts move to bridge the gap between traditional recording and the digital future. Electronic Arts is experiencing increased creative possibilities because of the Avant, as it allows them to instantly check the way a game will sound in a 5.1 mix, right down to a mono. This ability makes it possible for Avant to meet the needs of its customers at both the high and low ends. Now, with dozens of games slated to be mixed this year, a great proportion of the audio will be mixed on the Avant.

For more information, visit Solid State Logic�s Web site. For facility information, contact 650-625-7042.

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