Microsoft Introduces Next Generation of Streaming Media

 ,Thursday, April 15, 1999  
Microsoft Introduces Next Generation of Streaming Media

As more consumers turn to their PCs for audio and video entertainment, technology vendors are challenged to provide consumers with high-quality media while also enabling content providers to build profitable business models and reach new markets. The Audisee �99 Press Conference and celebration at the House of Blues on April 13, 1999 announced the availability of Windows Media Technologies 4.0 beta, a major upgrade to the successful streaming media platform that offers higher audio and video quality, improved electronic commerce solutions, and a flexible content-rights-management system

Windows Media Technologies 4.0 beta uses advanced algorithms to deliver content at the widest possible frequency range, resulting in FM_quality sound at speeds as low as 20kbps. This also allows for high-quality download-and-play music with files half the size of equivalent-quality MP3 files. Video quality is also enhanced, improving to near-broadcast quality over ADSL and cable modem connections.

This upgrade to this fast-growing streaming media platform has already won enthusiastic support from independent record labels and Internet content providers. These groups are taking advantage of this major software upgrade to enhance their offerings and provide users with major improvements in audio and video quality, digital media creation, and electronic-commerce solutions.Stephen Felisan, vice president of Technology and Development, House of Blues Digital, says of the upgrade, �Microsoft Windows Media Technologies 4.0 is the single most exciting development to come along for the advancement of streaming music in years. This technology will enable House of Blues to bring its high-quality music experience to thousands of music lovers worldwide across the Internet at higher fidelity and lower bandwidth requirements than ever.�

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