Aspen Media’s Select Surroundings

 Wednesday, April 19, 2000  
Aspen Media�s Select Surroundings
UK-based digital recording and sound-to-picture specialist Aspen Media has launched the Magtrax Select range of surround sound monitoring controllers. The Magtrax Select controllers place their emphasis on highest-achievable sound quality and operational convenience, and feature class-leading facilities. Four application-specific models cover the spectrum of recording, mastering and post-production requirements, providing flexible and highly convenient centralized control of loudspeaker monitoring systems for Dolby Surround, 5.1 and 7.1 applications.

The new Select models encompass the WorkBox for use with workstations and budget digital mixers; the MusicBox for composers and project studios; the MixBox for large-format mixing, plus the MasterBox for music mastering and DVD authoring. Unique features of the Select range include a fully variable down-mix facility, together with 6.1 inserts enabling full speaker control of the rear center channel.

Supplied as a 1U-high rack-mounting units, with compact and ergonomic desktop remotes, the Select monitoring controllers manage all the routing and interconnection between mixing console, recorder, loudspeaker amplifiers and, where appropriate, the Dolby Surround encode/decode situations.

For more information, contact Aspen Media Limited at +44 (0)1442 255405.

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