Studio D Surrounds the Bay, Live

 ,Thursday, April 20, 2000  
Studio D Surrounds the Bay, Live
Studio D Recording, Inc. of Sausalito, California, has undergone a major expansion in the scope of its core business. Known primarily for its “Tracking” room, Studio D has been home to such artists as Huey Lewis and The News, Van Morrison and Bruce Hornsby. Recently, the studio has been the center of a variety of mix projects for Live and Internet broadcast, in 5.1 surround.

Joel Jaffe, president of Studio D explains, “We decided to take a giant leap of faith and redesigned our control room for a variety of projects including surround sound 5.1 mixing for DVD.” Jaffe adds, “We also needed equipment updates. We decided to buy an AMEK 9098I console. The beauty of the 9098I is that it�s been set up to automatically configure to surround sound mixing, LCRS mixing and 7.1 and has a sonic quality second to none.” The surround monitoring system is a JBL LSRJ “L System.”

“We�ve been working with a San Francisco based company called PC Communications that does Web broadcast and re-purposing for DVD,” Jaffe notes. “We�ve recorded a variety of live concerts, the Now & Zen Festival, Jewel with local radio station Alice Radio 97.3, Cake and Flemming & John.”

Studio D has made good use of its large (1000 sq. ft.) live tracking room by bringing bands into the studio and mixing surround in a live setting. PC Communications has been selected to do the production for the California Music Awards this year and Studio D�s Joel Jaffe will be doing the Web broadcasting and recording for the live broadcast event.

“Any time you present an artist, what you�re really looking at in the end result is being able to see and experience a performance, whether it�s in a studio or live,” Jaffe adds. “We want to be a multi-use facility doing work with film and television as well as with musicians. We feel we are the model of the recording studio of the future.”

For more information, contact Studio D at 415-332-6289.

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