Compatibility of Panasonic DVD-RAM Drive and Wired

 Tuesday, April 20, 1999  
Compatibility of Panasonic DVD-RAM Drive and Wired

Panasonic Industrial Company and Wired, Inc. has announced the compatibility of Panasonic’s LF-D101 DVD-RAM drive and Wired’s new 4DVD video playback card for Macintosh environments. Combined, Panasonic’s high-performance DVD-RAM drive and Wired’s affordably priced PCI card turn a Macintosh computer into a full-featured DVD player that utilizes all of the enhanced digital video and Dolby digital surround-sound capabilities offered by the DVD format. A dedicated hardware solution, Wired 4DVD’s advanced silicon handles all complex MPEG-2 video and audio streams. For Mac users, this means movies and games can be delivered at resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 without burdening the computer’s CPU. They’ll have maximum system performance, even when DVD, live TV broadcast feeds, and interactive Web browsing are open in concurrent windows.

Wired has differentiated its 4DVD player from other Macintosh DVD solutions by offering more than just computer screen playback. With 4DVD player’s full-screen NTSC/PAL TV output, users can also view flicker-free videos on any standard TV set. An S/PDIF connector is included for high-quality AC-3 5.1 and DTS audio.

For more information on the Panasonic DVD-RAM drive and media, contact Panasonic Industrial Company, 1600 McCandless Drive, Milpitas, CA 99035; 408/945-5600, Fax 408/262-4214, E-mail [email protected]. Or, visit the company’s Web site at

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