360 Systems’ TCR8 In Use on The Tonight Show

 ,Thursday, April 27, 2000  
360 Systems’ TCR8 In Use on The Tonight Show
One of the first live-to-satellite programs broadcasting daily in high definition, Tonight Show engineers were required to design audio and video systems that would work with both standard and high-definition broadcasts. The new 360 Systems TCR8 Synchronous Master Recorder has completed a trial run for the show. “We use many sound effects during the broadcast–and these change daily depending upon guest stars and content,” says Bob Whyley, audio director of The Tonight Show. “TCR is fantastic for layering and mixing sound effects and editorial functions are rock solid.”

I spent quite a lot of time evaluating the TCR before I used it on the show,” continues Whyley. “The converters are about the best sounding I’ve ever heard–they really sound great. And the other thing that’s fantastic is how fast it works. One of the challenges in mixing for high-def and standard video is that we mix the show for high definition in 5.1 and then do a two channel mix down for stereo–so what we mix for surround has to fold neatly into left and right channels and not get carried away with the ambience.”

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