Graham Elvis Gets “Surrounded” at Seventeen Grand

 ,Thursday, May 04, 2000  
Graham Elvis Gets “Surrounded” at Seventeen Grand
Graham Elvis was recently in Seventeen Grand Recording’s Euphonix room working on a 5.1 surround mix of his self-penned tune appropriately titled “5.1.” Studio co-owner Jake Niceley served as engineer.

“Graham specifically set out to write the 5.1 anthem,” says Niceley. “With this project, there are no rules and no pre-conceived notions. We hope to surprise a lot of people.”

Graham Elvis is best remembered as the front man for the Chicago-based band the Elvis Brothers. Since he’s gone solo, Elvis has enjoyed success as a chart-topper on MP-3. In late 1999, Elvis held five of the top twenty in the Brit Pop category, including “You’re Stupid and I Hate Your Friends,” which went to number one. Elvis’ latest release, “Country Girl Singer,” went to number one on MP-3’s country chart.

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