Hollywood Studios Choose DTS

 ,Thursday, May 11, 2000  
Hollywood Studios Choose DTS
Continuing their ongoing commitment to premium digital sound, 100-percent of all North American films in 1999 from Buena Vista, DreamWorks, MGM/UA, New Line, Universal, and Warner Bros. were released in DTS Digital Sound. According to Fred Beiersdorf, DTS Cinema Group VP, “New studios releasing in DTS included Destination Films, Miramax, and USA Films, and we also witnessed an amazing 300-percent growth in DTS features from Fox, Paramount, and Sony.”

Support for DTS is also growing internationally with 113 original version releases last year alone, including languages such as French, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Icelandic, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi. Also in 1999, all five Best Picture and Best Sound nominees were released in DTS, and kudos continued as another 1999 DTS release, “Saving Private Ryan,” won the Oscar for Best Sound and Best Director.

In the special venue area, comprising large format films, motion-based ride films, and special presentations, DTS was released on 63 new titles in 1999.

DTS dubbed versions also continue to grow with certain features releasing as many as 27 languages in DTS Digital Sound. Overall, DTS film releases have grown exponentially since the format’s premiere in 1993, with a total of 1,038 original version films released to date.

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