JBL Loudspeakers Provide Spectacular Theater Sound for Cinemax SummerScreen Free Outdoor Film Festival

 ,Thursday, May 18, 2000  
JBL Loudspeakers Provide Spectacular Theater Sound for Cinemax SummerScreen Free Outdoor Film Festival
JBL announced it is co-sponsoring the Cinemax SummerScreen tour, a first-of-its kind free outdoor film festival that will visit ten cities nationwide this summer. JBL will be supplying a complete multichannel loudspeaker system for the tour, which will show three hit movies over three nights in each location on a giant screen with theater-style digital surround sound.

Co-sponsors JBL and Dolby Laboratories are providing AOL/Time Warner�s cable movie channel, Cinemax, and its SummerScreen tour with a spectacular large-scale multichannel sound system, to deliver a thrilling movie-going experience unlike any other. The system will feature four JBL loudspeaker arrays on the perimeter of the field, along with loudspeakers placed behind the screen, and high-powered subwoofers. The system will utilize state-of-the-art Dolby Digital electronics to immerse the audience in a vast, enveloping 360-degree sound field, and will include dozens of loudspeaker enclosures driven by over 35,000 watts of amplification.

Currently slated films include “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” starring Jim Carrey as the comedic crime-solver, “Top Gun,” the pulse-pounding Tom Cruise action-adventure movie, and, as the grand finale, “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial,” the classic Steven Spielberg fantasy and one of the most popular films in history. The Cinemax SummerScreen ground will open to the public at 6:30PM each evening. In addition to the movies, SummerScreen will feature live entertainment, interactive kiosks, and free giveaways and contests, with prizes including a JBL six-piece home theater system given away at each event, a $1,000 stock portfolio from StockBack.com, $5,000 worth of free Flooz, the Online Gift Currency, and a year of free flowers from Flower.com.

Paul Bente, brand manager, JBL Consumer Products, notes, “JBL is delighted to be a co-sponsor of this groundbreaking outdoor movie event. Our decades of expertise in supplying professional sound systems for movie theaters and outdoor concerts enables us to provide SummerScreen with an all-out, no-holds-barred loudspeaker system of truly awesome power and fidelity. We guarantee SummerScreen audiences will enjoy an unforgettable sonic experience, and we�ve designed our home-theater systems to provide consumers with the same kind of sonic excitement in their own homes.

The multichannel surround sound system used on the Cinemax SummerScreen tour incorporates a number of advanced JBL loudspeaker technologies to achieve an unparalleled level of sonic realism. The loudspeakers include such refinements as patented diamond-surround titanium-dome tweeters with high-flux neodymium magnets for maximum high-frequency clarity; high-power cast-frame woofers; controlled dispersion enclosures for maximum sound coverage over a wider area, and many additional refinements.

For additional information, contact JBL at 800-336-4525.


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