Don Henley Pulls an “Inside Job” in Record Plant Studio 4; Final Mix of Newest Album Completed in Hollywood’s Premier Recording Studio’Now With 5.1 Capability

 Friday, May 19, 2000  
Don Henley Pulls an “Inside Job” in Record Plant Studio 4; Final Mix of Newest Album Completed in Hollywood�s Premier Recording Studio�Now With 5.1 Capability
Don Henley�s newest release, “Inside Job,” had been in the works for the past three years, with the bulk of the tracks recorded at his private studio. But when it came time for the final mixes, producer Stan Lynch knew that just the right touch was needed and brought the project to the Record Plant, where the album was completed in the facility�s Studio 4. Record Plant�s four SSL-equipped studios contain state-of-the-art equipment, including TASCAM, Panasonic, Electro Voice, AKG, Seinnheiser, Shure and Sony. SSL Studio 3 has recently been upgraded to 5.1 with a new SSL 9000 J Series console.

“Don is very precise about his recording projects and is detail-oriented during his album sessions,” says Lynch. “A top-flight facility like Record Plant is a necessity for an artist like Don. His desire and intensity is to keep the project at a high level, so everything must work smoothly. That�s why using the Record Plant is so important. It has great sound and great service.”

Studio 4 has the Record Plant�s largest live room and an impressive control room with state-of-the-art equipment including George Augspurger cabinets, two Studer A800 Mk III with Lynx synchronizers, two TASCAM 122 Mk III cassette decks and two 25-inch color monitors providing a variety of displays from “program” for mix to picture and local cable TV.

The project called for the use of vintage equipment�from guitars, guitar amps, and mics to mic preamps and older tube-type limiters to create a classic Rock �n Roll sound. The blend of the vintage sounds with the highly accurate 9000 yielded the sonic excitement associated with a Don Henley project.

While Studio 3 has been upgraded to 5.1 surround capability with an SSL 9000 J console, the Studio 4 control room also boasts a 9000 J, custom George Auspurger cabinets with Tad components including center speaker, soffit-mounted surrounds for surround monitoring, and various near field monitors are available including Tannoy, KRK, Yamaha and Auratone. Studio 4 also boasts two Studer A800 Mk III with Lynx II synchronizers, an Ampex ATR 102, Studer A820 1/2-inch on request, two Panasonic SV3800 Pro DATs, two TASCAM 122 Mk III cassette decks, a Panasonic SVHS HiFi VCR and HHB CDR850 CD recorder.

For more information, contact the Record Plant at 213-993-9300.

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