Up to Five More Channels on Standard DVD!

 ,Thursday, May 25, 2000  
Up to Five More Channels on Standard DVD!
A new remastering process is now available on DVD with processing from FDS Labs of Los Angeles, California, bringing the big screen sound to home theater. Users can now hear movies come to life and remember why they were interested in 5.1 surround sound! All of the music, effects, and dialogue have more excitement and realism with this new processing system. All of this sound comes without even having to turn up the volume of a system to extreme levels to enjoy what is heard in the theater.

The FDS “5.1 Plus 5” system can give up to five more sources of sound. These come in the form phantoms (apparent sound sources) between each of the five surround speakers. This is similar to the sound of vocals (or another sound) that seem to come from the center of a typical left and right stereo speaker setup. The result is a seamless surround sound field. This new mastering process for DVD can be played back in mono, stereo, 4-channel Pro Logic, and a 5.1 system, without any loss in sound quality. For a taste of how good this new sound can be, check out the DVD release of “The Chill Factor” from Warner Bros. Other noteworthy titles that make use of the FDS Labs mastering process include “The King and I,” “Wrongfully Accused,” and soon to be released “The Whole Nine Yards” and “Major League III.”

FDS Labs also has the processing abilities to create discrete 5.1 surround from movies that were not even mixed for 5.1 surround. When there is only a stereo, Stereo Pro Logic, or even mono sound source from an older movie, the FDS process will convert these formats to discrete 5.1 surround sound. For a good demonstration of deriving discrete 5.1 surround in this fashion, check out the DVD versions of “If Two By Sea,” and soon to be released “Bad Moon,” “Stay Tuned,” and “Freejack.”

For more information, contact FDS Labs at 213-383-2155.


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