Atlantic Technology Introduces Ultra-Compact Theater System

Atlantic Technology Introduces Ultra-Compact Theater System
 ,Thursday, June 01, 2000  
Atlantic Technology Introduces Ultra-Compact Theater System
Atlantic Technology has announced System T70, an advanced, high-performance, ultra-compact theater system to retail for under $1,000. The system includes center, left and right front, and surround speakers, as well as a 125-watt powered subwoofer. T70 components were specifically designed to offer exceptional sound while remaining completely unobtrusive.

“This package will unquestionably cause people to re-examine the performance/size/value equation,” says Peter Tribeman, president of Atlantic Technology. “During our evaluative listening sessions, System T70 has shocked even jaded industry veterans with its solid soundtrack reproduction and musicality. When coupled with an affordable multi-channel receiver and a well-recorded source, it easily carries the listener into the action on the screen or to their favorite concert. And it does this with amazing minimal intrusion on space and virtually zero stress on most any budget.”

The T70�s five satellite speakers are all 2-way acoustic-suspension designs in ultra-compact enclosures whose size and MDF construction make them acoustically inert.

The very small T70 front speakers deliver unusually natural sound with incredible imaging due to their rigid enclosure and miniscule baffle. Their woofer/midrange uses a new laminated Titanium Coated Molded Graphite cone, whose increased stiffness and enhanced heat dissipation allow high output, flat frequency response, impressive detail, and increased power handling. The molded polymer-based cone still remains well damped for low distortion and minimal coloration. The LR includes a 1-inch silk-dome tweeter using Neodymium magnets and Ferrofluid cooling.

The T70C center channel speaker, with Atlantic�s signature adjustable tilting base, lets the user aim the speaker up or down to attain maximum performance. It uses the same tweeter and two of the same woofers as the T70 LRs�ensuring that all three front speakers will have the same tonal balance.

The T70 SR surround speakers use a new, sophisticated TriVector surround design which incorporates a single forward-firing woofer/midrange and two phase-compensated side-firing tweeters. The tweeters produce a diffuse, non-localizable soundfield that quickly draws the listener into the action, while the woofer/midrange produces a more localizable, direct sound pattern. This combination makes the T70 SR ideally suited for almost any conceivable room location and today�s discrete digital multi-channel systems. The T70 SR�s 4-inch woofer/midrange is the same Molded Graphite driver used in the T70 LR, without the titanium coating. The dual tweeters are 3/4-inch soft-dome units, each with fluid cooling and�important for surround�a dispersion-enhancing acoustic lens.

The T70 LR and SR have threaded rear inserts permitting easy wall-mounting with the included keyhole hangers or optional, adjustable flex mounts. Powder-coated metal stands are also available for the LR and SR.

The T70 PBM acoustic suspension subwoofer creates impressively solid and musical bass. Its custom-built 10-inch long throw driver has a particularly stiff cone, made from non-pressed cellulose composite. The massive, magnetically-shielded motor structure alone weighs over five pounds. A 2-inch, four-layer high-temperature voice coil and vented motor structure ensure high output and long-term reliability. Power is supplied by a 125-watt, custom-built, discrete-component amplifier precisely matched to this driver. The PBM�s features include: signal-sensing auto turn-on, an absolute-phase (polarity) switch, controls for level and crossover frequency, and high- and low-level inputs and throughputs for easy connection to virtually any electronics.

For more information, contact Atlantic Technology at 781-762-6300.

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