New Web Poll Reveals Growing Consumer Preference for DTS

 Tuesday, June 13, 2000  
New Web Poll Reveals Growing Consumer Preference for DTS
In a recent, informal online poll of its readers, Stereophile Guide to Home Theater discovered that respondents preferred DTS soundtracks over Dolby Digital 5.1 by an overwhelming margin of 9 to 1. The website poll was done in late April and can be found at The questions were: “Have you compared Dolby Digital with DTS? What do you think?”

According to the webzine, 33 percent of the respondents answered, “DTS rules,” with another 30 percent concluding that “DTS is a little better” than Dolby Digital. Of those responding, 5 percent thought “Dolby Digital rules,” and another 2 percent felt “Dolby Digital is a little better.” Of the remaining 30 percent of respondents, 12 percent said they heard no difference and 15 percent said they had not made the comparison. The figures total only 97 percent with the remaining responses being disqualified for one reason or another.

In addition to their comparative vote, the respondents were also invited to submit comments. Those shown on the website also massively supported DTS and reflected differing levels of analysis, sophistication, and temperament. “Anyone who can’t hear the difference between DD and DTS is deaf!” said one. “It’s the difference between fine china and your momma’s plastic dishes,” said another. And “DVD is all about quality. If I can have a disc with better sound quality (even if it’s only slightly better), then I’m all for it. Dolby Digital is awesome, but DTS is better! The bitstream never lies,” noted a third.

In commenting on the poll, David DelGrosso, DTS director of consumer marketing, said, “We understand that this was an informal poll and not a scientific study. Nonetheless, we are pleased that home theater enthusiasts are increasingly listening to the discs and not to rhetoric. As more and more DVDs become available with DTS soundtracks, many more consumers will upgrade to the theater-like experience of 5.1-channel Digital Surround.”

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