Dolby Laboratories Unveils New Flagship Digital Film Sound Processor

 Wednesday, June 21, 2000  
Dolby Laboratories Unveils New Flagship Digital Film Sound Processor
Dolby Laboratories announced the debut of the Dolby CP650, the latest and most technologically advanced unit in the company’s Cinema Processor family. Scheduled for release this month, the CP650 is designed to be the most user-friendly and feature-enhanced processor on the market.

External setup software allows complete control of all processor calibration settings from a laptop computer. An EQ Assist system enables quicker and more accurate theater equalization, drastically reducing installation time and improving consistency of performance between theaters. The CP650 features built-in Dolby Digital Surround EX decoding, and is the first Dolby cinema processor that performs all noise-reduction processing completely in the digital domain. It is also specifically designed to accommodate future upgrades for use in digital cinema applications.

Over the years, Dolby cinema products have reproduced Dolby-encoded soundtracks faithfully and reliably, and the CP650 builds on this tradition,” says Tim Partridge, vice president, marketing. “We’ve used the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to provide incredible sound quality in a cost-effective, integrated package that also allows for future upgrades and applications.”

The CP650’s functional design and automation control allows for easy operation in today’s multiplex environment, while Ethernet networking makes it ideally suited for tomorrow’s entertainment complex.

Some of its many other features include: a hinged front-panel door that can be opened to expose all connectors and test points necessary for installation; built-in diagnostic software and test equipment; AES/EBU digital input for PCM or Dolby Digital decoding; six analog inputs for external adapters; audio output for HI (hearing impaired) channel; and comprehensive equalization techniques, including one-third octave (screen and surround channels), selectable corner frequencies (screen channels), and parametric filters (subwoofer channel).

For more information, contact Dolby Laboratories at 415-645-5116.

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