Microboards Technology’s DVD AuthorSuite Package for Windows NT Platform Begins Shipping

 Tuesday, June 29, 1999  
Microboards Technology�s DVD AuthorSuite Package for Windows NT Platform Begins Shipping

Microboards Technology Inc. announces their DVD AuthorSuite, a complete DVD creation package, has begun shipping. The DVD AuthorSuite combines DVD authoring software (DVDAuthorQUICK), and Pioneer’s S 20l DVD-R recorder with a Zapex ZP 300 capture and compression card. While its suggested retail price nears $25,000, the DVDAuthorSuite has features and functions associated with authoring systems of much higher prices. Chuck Alcon, vice president of sales/new business development, says “Although most DVD-authoring systems exceed $50,000, the DVD AuthorSuite was designed to make DVD-Video title production more affordable for the business and educational markets.”

DVDAuthorQUICK version 2.0’s logical hierarchical structure was designed for creating quick and easy informational titles such as KIOSK, corporate presentations, instructional training and video manuals. It also features a multi-task environment and adds authoring for karaoke, cartoon animation, and even full-length feature films.

The Zapex MPEG-2 encoder for video, Dolby Digital, AC-3 two channel and 5.1 Surround Sound has an easy to operate GUI interface that non-MPEG users can implement to frame accurate stop/start encoding. An off-line encoding feature is a plug-in for a non-linear video editing such as Adobe Premiere. The encoder is a board level device that operates on a PCI bus.

Other key features of the software include an authoring editor, which manages all authoring functions including assigning audio, video and still picture asset files using and browse and select action, a premastering function to verify and test the DVD-Video files, and disc image output directly to a DLT. The software has a built in instructor as well. Alcon explains, �Because DVDAuthorQUICK runs on Windows NT, it doesn’t require a specific workstation or other high-end system�and, the user won’t need special knowledge of DVD specifications. Applications include education, training and sales presentations mostly for Fortune 1000 companies, service bureaus, institutions and DVD production companies.”

System requirements include Windows NT operating system with 350 MHz, 128 MB minimum memory, SVGA video card, 18 GB HDD recommended, and DLT2000XT or DLT4000XT drive are recommended. To contact Microboards for more information, call 612-556-1600 or 800-646-8881 and visit their Web site at


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