Aureal Redefines the Multimedia Speaker Category With Fall Products

Aureal Inc. announces its plan to introduce a Fall 1999 line of speaker products. This line will be initially distributed via Aureal�s Web store at and will be offered in conjunction with Aureal Vortex sound cards. Among the line offerings will be both 2.1 and 4.1 speaker/subwoofer configurations with an easy upgrade from 2.1 to 4.1 systems, delivering a full 210 watts.

Aureal�s new speaker products will work with Aureal Vortex sound cards to provide features such as auto-calibrate, a feature that uses a microphone to receive test tones and tunes the system to deliver the best possible audio performance for a particular speaker configuration and room set-up. The speaker products will also feature a one-touch control and display, located on one of the satellite speakers, enabling volume, bass, fader, and other characteristics to be quickly controlled and synchronized with software controls on the computer.

According to Aureal�s President and CEO Kip Kokinakis, �This is a significant move for us in that we�ll now be able to ensure a high-quality audio experience for our customers from generation to playback.� Kokinakis also remarks, �The average multimedia speaker today is substandard, unable to deliver the power and quality of all but the poorest home speaker. Our new products are a merger of multimedia and home stereo designs, bringing a much higher standard of audio to the PC arena.�

Each satellite speaker to be introduced will be powered by a 35 watt amplifier and the subwoofer will be powered by a 70 watt amplifier. The system will have a maximum output of well over 100 decibels with a full frequency response.

For further details about Aureal and its line of speaker products, visit their Web sites at and

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