September Release Date Set for Telarc’s DVD-Audio Debut

 Friday, July 07, 2000  
September Release Date Set for Telarc’s DVD-Audio Debut
A 5.1-channel mix of Weather Report’s most recent effort was just completed at Bear Tracks studio, marking the first DVD-Audio recording set for release by Telarc.

The record, due out in September, was mixed by Doug Oberkircher and Jason Miles. KRK Systems, Inc.’s Expose E8 loudspeakers were used to monitor the remixing of “Celebrating the Music of Weather Report” from two 5.1 channels. Telarc released the stereo mix in February, which has remained at the top of the charts in Japan for over a month.

“It takes the record to the ultimate place,” Miles says of the 5.1 mix. “It takes the listener to a new level with the amazing performances. It�s a real experience for the senses.”

Michael Bishop, Grammy Award-winning engineer for Telarc, was also on the scene at Bear Tracks for the project. “Mixing 5.1 can be a difficult process,” says Bishop, but notes that the E8�s “transparent” character made the process easier.

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