Spectrum Research Introduces After-Market Home Theater Audio/Video Component with SRS Labs TruSurround

 Friday, July 09, 1999  
Spectrum Research Introduces After-Market Home Theater Audio/Video Component with SRS Labs� TruSurround

SRS Labs, Inc. announces that it has licensed its patented virtual surround technology, TruSurround AE, to Spectrum Research, an engineering and development firm specializing in advanced commercial and consumer electronics. With Spectrum Research�s Theater 2000, consumers worldwide can bring virtual surround sound into their home theater. The Theater 2000 packages SRS Labs� patented TruSurround and SRS technologies in a product with simple plug and play operation, and is available through Spectrum Research at a suggested retail price of $169.95.

The Theater 2000 from Spectrum Research is the first TruSurround add-on that, in conjunction with SRS 3D Sound, provides this additional dimension to any pre-recorded or live audio/video performance, whether it is in stereo or a multichannel surround.

According to John Robinson, president and CEO of Spectrum Research, �SRS Labs� TruSurround and 3D Sound technologies were the perfect choice for our Theater 2000 application. It is easy to connect and easy to use and can greatly enhance the sound of just about any system.� Chairman and CEO or SRS Labs Thomas Yuen remarks, �TruSurround�s market acceptance is growing exponentially as consumers demand greater performance from their home theater, stereo, and multimedia systems.� Yuen continues, �With 86% of U.S. households owning stereo or home theater systems, after-market accessories like the Theater 2000 will address a market niche with considerable pent-up demand.�

For more information about TruSurround and Theater 2000, visit www.theatersound.com and


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