“Moments of Glory” with SPL’s Atmos 5.1

 Tuesday, August 01, 2000  
“Moments of Glory” with SPL’s Atmos 5.1
On one hand we have an orchestra which has been playing music for more than a century and whose every appearance is a sound experience of the highest order, while on the other is a group who have become a German rock legend. For the Scorpions’ “Moments of Glory” album, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra broke one of their musical taboos, and after five years of planning lent their musical expertise to one of the most extravagant Classic Rock projects ever produced.

The recordings of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra were undertaken in the large studio of the former GDR radio service in Berlin. Both the recording team from EUROSOUND, led by Peter Brandt, and mixing engineer Ronald Prent from the Belgian GALAXY studio, planned right from the start to produce a 5.1 surround recording in addition to a conventional stereo production. It was decided to use the ATMOS 5.1 system from SPL so as to make the most of the superb acoustics of the transmission studio.

Peter Brandt says, “ATMOS 5.1 recordings are impressively clear and add a new dimension in spatial imaging and localization. Additionally the system features extremely easy installation and is very flexible – e. g. to accommodate additional microphones or to record on four different media simultaneously.”

Ronald Prent was similarly impressed: “The Atmos 5.1 is a surround recording system that is to be thoroughly recommended. It delivers a magnitude and intensity that is hard to express in words but which display themselves with distinction at every acoustic event. More than this, the 5.1 recordings made with this system facilitate excellent stereo mixes. The stereo image receives a greater emotional sensitivity and becomes much more intense.”

The Scorpions CD appeared on June 19; the date for the DVD release has not yet been confirmed.

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