Signet Studios Chooses Genelec 1034B Active Monitors for Critical Front Array of 5.1 Surround System Upgrade

 Tuesday, August 15, 2000  
Signet Studios Chooses Genelec 1034B Active Monitors for Critical Front Array of 5.1 Surround System Upgrade
Signet Studios, recently acquired by the largest audio post production group in the world, Liberty Livewire Audio, has installed Genelec�s 1034B active monitors as the crucial components for its 5.1 surround audio array in Studio A. The Genelec 1034B speakers were placed in the strategic L-C-R positions in the studio, which has an illustrious history in both music recording (for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, The Jacksons, Bette Midler, and Stevie Nicks), as well as film scoring (for major motion pictures such as The Green Mile and American Beauty).

“Studio A has to be able to meet the needs of an extremely notable and very diverse clientele of producers, engineers and artists,” observes David Dubow, general manager of Signet Studios. “The wide variety of work performed in that studio includes from tracking and mixing records, commercials and film scores to recording ADR, and our Genelec 1034Bs have been able to handle all the monitoring we do in the room.”

Bill Johnston, director of engineering for Liberty Livewire Audio, explains, “We needed a monitor to seamlessly cover all the bases for Studio A bookings. The only real choice was Genelec, which is now more widely accepted than any other monitor. We�ve always had a lot of confidence in Genelec monitors, since clients, engineers and rental companies have brought theirs to the studio for years now. It speaks very highly of any gear when it�s constantly brought into the facility, so Genelec speakers proved themselves in Studio A even before they were installed. Since we�ve had them, that studio has booked film scoring to rap and rock sessions, and everyone has commented on the great sound.” Johnston added that his Genelec 1034Bs needed no tuning, tweaking or EQ. “They were great right out of the box,” he says.

Studio A�s 1034Bs also brought another advantage. Says Dubow, “They were perfectly sized for the soffits already in place, so we were able to significantly upgrade the studio�s monitoring capability without having to completely rebuild the front wall, which immediately saved money from the start. An added benefit like that from a speaker that sounds so good is a combination you don�t find very often!”

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