AKM Solves Integration Problem for Set Box Designers

 Monday, August 28, 2000  
AKM Solves Integration Problem for Set Box Designers
AKM Semiconductor introduced the AK4363/4 with integrated programmable PLL, 96 kHz, 24-bit, 2-channel digital to analog converter for MPEG/AC-3 audio playback.

The establishment of digital broadcasting alongside conventional satellite broadcasting is creating firm demand for greater variety in digitalized land wave and CATV services, as well as demand for higher quality in audio playback functions.

In an MPEG video system, the video and audio signals must be synchronized, which requires an audio DAC that operates at 27 MHz, the MPEG clock standard.

The 20-bit AK43323 DAC, developed for digital satellite broadcast set-top box applications, typifies AKM DAC performance. Driven by a PLL replay clock, AK4323 delivers a dynamic range of 100 dB, which more than satisfies requirements for CD-audio reproduction quality.

The easy-to-use 24-bit, 96-kHz sampling AK4363 and AK4364 are the newest advances in the AKM family leading-edge DACs. In addition to delivering DVD-audio quality playback, AK4363�s built-in digital volume control and monaural mode make it ideal for digital TV audio playback.

AK4364�s built-in digital audio I/F transmitter (SPDIF) simplifies transmission of digital audio to an external AV receiver. These functions are microprocessor controlled using a three-wire interface or a 12C serial control interface. The AK4364 follows AKM�s DAC with integrated SPDIF transmitter, the AK4353, introduced earlier this year.

The AK4363 and AK4364 are both available in 24-pin VSOP package. Samples are available now on bot parts. The AK4363 is priced at $2.06 in 10,000 piece quantities and the AK4364 is priced at $4.63 in like quantities.

For more information, contact AKM at 408-436-8580.


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