Cirrus Logic Crystal Chip Introduced

 Monday, September 20, 1999  
Cirrus Logic Crystal Chip Introduced

Cirrus Logic Inc. recently introduced their Crystal chip (CS4298) that provides both full-function audio and modem communications capabilities. Designed to complement Intel processors as well as high-performance PCI audio accelerators such as the new Crystal Audio DSP (CS4630), the AMC-compliant CS4298 provides an unprecedented four channels of analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion. The new audio/modem chip enables system designers to use the same part for either four channels of audio surround sound, or full stereo audio playback plus high-speed modem capability.

The CS4298 is the only AMC device that provides full stereo audio playback, record and mixing capabilities, as well as high-speed, two-line modem front end. The device also delivers an unmatched range of advanced audio technologies, including its use of 20-bit DACs, differential audio I/O, extra analog input, and S/PDIF output for high-fidelity digital audio via 5.1 channels.

Scott McDonald, Cirrus Logic�s vice president of Crystal Computer Audio Products, comments, �The trend toward information appliances and pervasive Internet access promise to enhance the way everyone works and plays. If the market for set-top boxes, PDAs, and other like devices is to realize its growth potential, developers must deliver full-function audio and modem capabilities that can interact seamlessly and still be affordable.�

Cirrus Logic reports that it is working with leading suppliers of soft modems to ensure CS4298 compatibility with their products. Cirrus Logic offers AMR (audio modem riser) compliant reference design boards that demonstrate the CS4298�s functionality, both as a combined audio codec and modem front-end, and as a 4-channel audio subsystem.

The Cirrus Logic CS4298 audio codec plus modem is available in production quantities now. The CS4298 is priced at $3.50 in lots of 10,000 or more. For more information, contact Cirrus Logic via their Web site at

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